Public Drum Project is a participatory sound installation created by Sharon Williams, involving one hundred acoustic drums. It offers an opportunity for joyful musical collaboration through group drumming, not only via the exploration of simple percussive sounds, but also, if desired, through the exploration of pulsation and rhythmical structures. The installation is suitable for all ages and levels of musical expertise, and has been specifically designed to enable an exciting first-time experience of community music-making for the complete novice. The design functions as a catalyst for action—a platform that enables spontaneous collaborative composition and performance with the potential for surprising depth and complexity. Creative collaboration through drumming can foster memorable and engaging experiences of self-efficacy, interpersonal connection and group cohesion. 

Artist/Composer Bio

Sharon Williams holds a Bachelor of Music with Honours          (1st class) and has recently completed doctoral research at the University of Western Sydney. Her PhD was a joint theoretical and practical/creative project. The focus of the theoretical component involved examining the work of John Cage, Deleuze and Guattari, and R. Buckminster Fuller, with the intention of finding ways to apply their ideas to creative arts practice. The practical component of the research project involved exploring designs for sound installations that facilitate collaborative music-making. Sharon is currently employed as a casual academic at the University of Western Sydney, in the School of Humanities and Communication Arts.